Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hi Everybody....


Before i make another posts, i want a little bit introduce my self and why i made this BLOG.

Well, my name is  Mallisa Anjani live in Jogja,Indonesia recently. I've stay in this beautiful culture city for 3years and i'm in LOVE....

I spent my 3years for working as an Event Organizer then moved to another company doing Export Furniture as Merchandiser.
I've been travel a lot in/out of country until i forgot about my passion. YES, my passion is about FASHION ART and other related things.

So here, i will try to give information about trends and how to mix and match your things become Fabulous. For me, to be fashionable not always need to have Fancy, Luxury n Expensive things.
It's about your PERSONALITY...yeah, what you wear is what your are.
So girls, don't be afraid to show your beauty and creativity. I hope you enjoy my simple fashion blog...



  1. keep doing yr post more and more....

  2. wow....amazing....beautiful