Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It's just like a beach...sometimes the wave is calm and sometimes is wild.

It's normal and it happened to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

To get out from our comfort zone it's a very high risk...but if we never try, we never know what means by real life. Yes, it is very bitter and can be very sweet.

A lot of changes happened lately..hurt, pain, stress, etc. 
But life is beautiful, it will come to an end.
Enjoy the process, and just believe the Mariah Carey Lyric's " i can make it through the rain"....and the sun will be coming to you.

Sometimes, the songs I listen to represent the words I'm really afraid to say.  

Sometimes, we push away the ones we love the most because we know in some way, we need to protect them 

Sometimes it's better to keep it all inside where the only person that can judge you is yourself 

Regretting doesn't change anything. Make up for the past by creating a better future. Move on, Move up
Laugh when you can. Apologize when you should. Leggo what you can't change and enjoy your life. Have a nice day